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The Lenni Lanape Indians were the first to come to what is now known as Sea Isle City.  They came for rest and relaxation and to get away from the hot weather on the mainland.  They gathered quahog shells from wampum, the currency of the day.

Today, visitors come to the shore "to get awat from it all", and choose Sea Isle City over other resorts for its community-like atmosphere.  Fondly referred by many as "our island home away from home," Sea Isle City offers the same hometown amenities that enhance your daily lifestyle.  From organized recreation programs and cultural events to safe, clean beaches and diverse resort activities.

Sea Isle City is a natural barrier island where the land meets the sea and bay, tidal marsh and wetlands.  This highly fertile environment is the home to many indigenous plants, animals and marine mammals, and the feeding and nesting grounds of many birds of prey and migratory birds.  As co-habitants, we must remain consciously aware as to how out daily lifestyle choices greatly disrupt the natural balances so critical to the health and well-being of this rich, yet fragrile, coastal ecosystem.  For its sustenance and the quality of life for this and future generations, we as individuals should willingly accept and share the responsibility to preserve and protect it.
picture of Sea isle City, NJ beach picture of sea isle city, nj promenade picture of beach and inlet between sea isle cty and avalon, nj
From a fishing community to today...
In its early days, Sea Isle City had a thriving commercial fishing industry and attracted many recreational fishermen. Shacks were built as a place to store gear and sleep overnight.  Eventually, the anglers brought their families and replaced the fishing shacks with summer cottages.

Today, Sea Isle City is a thriving year-round coastal resort built by families seeking a quality of life unsurpassed by many. From breathless moments of timeless solitude to moments of extreme exhilaration, the sea in all of its abundance entices you to its shores and never fails to satisfy your passion for which you answered its call.

Sea Isle City is many things to many people, but most see the island as the beach first, and secondly, as a place to relax from their everyday hectic environment.  What many of us don't do is discover the natural environment of Sea Isle City.  As driving in along the causeway, look out over the meadowlands and see for miles.  The wetlands, untouched by human development, look exactly the same as they did centuries ago.  At the crest of the bridge, see the many creeks and waterways winding their way in the distance.  Here many adventures await, both educational and fun for an entire family. Explore the natural beauty of the great salt marsh and waterways behind the island.  Discover many options: Boat Rentals, Kayak Rentals, Natural Tours and Guided Boat Excursions.  Take a "Nature Tour" to have a unique and gratifying adventure exploring the Wilderness of Ludlam's Island.

Parking meters in Sea Isle City are in effect from May 15 to September 15.
Gillian's Funland Amusements of Ocean City
Location:  6th & The Boardwalk - Ocean City, NJ
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Pictures of the late August early September 2009 Beach Renourishment Project.

Pictures of the June 2010 Beach Renourishment Project.

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